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How to place a Bet on Football

NFL Betting options


NFL Markets

What are the most common betting options for NFL?

Below are some of the most popular markets broken down:

Moneyline – This option is arguably the most simplistic option available. You are betting on which team will win the game. In the event the game goes to overtime, your wager is still good as this is not limited to the 60 minutes of regular time action. If the game happens to end in a tie however, your wager will be counted as a push and your money will be retuned to you as it is neither a win or a loss.

Money line


Point Spread – In this market, you bet on a team to cover the spread. This means they either have to win by a certain amount or lose by less than a certain amount. In the NFL, these spreads can be a bit unusual as you are not scoring points one at a time. Considering most points are scored in multiples of 3 or 7, spreads are often offered as multiples of 3 and 7.

Point Spread


Total Points – This option is very straightforward. Bet over or under the total number of points scored in the game. This feature is the “over/under” when it comes to betting. Most times, this market will be offered with a .5 as a way to avoid any potential push.

Total Points


Team Totals – Very similar to total points, here you can bet over or under the total number of points scored by a certain team. Again, this market will typically have a total ending in .5.

Team Totals


What are some of the less popular markets available for NFL?


Race to X Points – Think of this market like a pickup game of basketball. First team to X points wins. This market provides bettors to select which team will achieve X points first. Typically, the favorite in this market is also the favorite to win the game as a whole.

Race to X Points


Halftime / Fulltime

In this market, you will choose the outcome of both halftime and fulltime combined into one bet. You can bet Home team win, Away team win, and Tie. However instead of being the result of the full game, one is the halftime result, the other is the fulltime result

Ex: Commanders / Commanders

This example means that the Commanders would have to be winning at halftime and win the game for this bet to settle as a win.

Halftime - Fulltime


Props – These markets are essentially smaller sized markets that feature totals or spreads. A popular prop bet is player props. You can bet total rushing yards scored by a player, total passing yards, total TD scored, etc. These markets are more specific to an individual’s performance as opposed to the whole game.



Halves / Quarters – This market takes any traditional betting options like spread or totals but concentrates on an individual quarter or half. Rather than waiting the entire duration of the game for your bet to settle, you have the option to bet strictly on the performance of the quarter or half.

Halves - Quarters


Combos – In a way, this is like a same game parlay. Combos are the results of 2 or more actions in a game offered at higher odds. For example, this could be Taylor Heinecke to throw 2+ TD and the Commanders to win.


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